The cats of Airclan!

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The cats of Airclan!

Post  Tsunami of Stormy Sea on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:26 pm


Heatherstar- Golden she-cat


Flamelegs- bright orange tom

Medicine Cat:

Robinspring- Yellow she-cat
Apprentice; Graypaw


Orangecloud- Orange she-cat with smaller white spots

Branchfeather- brown she-cat with orange eyes

Hickorystorm- Light brown she-cat

Rushingbird- Giant black she-cat

Thrushwhisker- white tom with long whiskers

Stonepelt- deep gray tom

Orangefall- dark orange she-cat

Seasonmist- brown she-cat with four lines running down her body

Lightningfoot- Yellow she-cat with orange stripes

Lynxlily- Sharp-tongued and head-strong siamese she-cat with unique purple eyes.

Rushingstripe- Strong orange tom with powerful muscles

Goldenpelt- Brown she-cat with a golden-colored stripe along her side.

Sapphireflare- Beautiful black she-cat with a sleek pelt


Pricklepaw- Hot-headed she-cat

Talonpaw- Gray tom

Graypaw- Gray she-cat with only one eye, lost after a feirce battle with badgers

Islandpaw- Gray and orange tom

Falconpaw- Headstrong tom with a tabby pelt

Sapphirestep- Silver she-cat

Sunspring- Bright yellow she-cat


Flamerain- Yellow tom with orange spots


Twistedkit- Hyper brown tom kit with a bright orange spot on his back. Mother: Sunspring

Lilykit- Sweet young she-cat. Mother: Sunspring

Pepsikit- Gray tom with yellow eyes. Mother: Sapphirestep

Ninjakit- Black tom with a white line around his waist. Mother: Sapphirestep

Danishkit- Black she-cat with a distintive orange-dappled coat. Mother: Sapphirestep
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