Cats of Waterclan!

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Cats of Waterclan!

Post  Thorn of the Roses on Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:59 pm


Snowstar: Blinding white she-cat


Silverlight: Grey, almost silver she-cat

Medicine Cat

Littleriver: Small brown tom with a white spot on his forehead
Apprentice: Dewpaw


Longscar: Dark grey tom with a scar running down his face

Jadepelt: Black she-cat with light grey paws

Skyflight: White tom with long whiskers and silver eyes

Ambersong: Lovley tourtoise shell she-cat

Ivyrose: Pure black she-cat

Woodfur: Big deep brown tom with lighter streaks of brown mixed in, has golden eyes


Halfpaw: Smokey tom with a very short tail

Pinepaw: Light brown she-cat

Whitepaw: Black tom with paws of white

Moonpaw: Silver like she-cat with white ears

Pouncepaw: Cream colored tom with splotches of white on his back

Dewpaw: Blue, grey she-cat with sharp emerald eyes

Sleekpaw: Black tom with sleek fur

Chillingpaw: Big grey she-cat that has a temper


Leafstorm: Tourtoise shell she-cat

Quietstep: Small brown she-cat with white spots


Lostfoot: Old white tom with a missing paw

Forestwind: Newest elder, is a black she-cat with one white ear


Marshkit: White tom with brown spots all over his body
Mother: Quietstep Father: Woodfur

Smallkit: Is a very tiny tourtoise shell she-cat with a white head
Mother: Leafstorm Father: Skyflight

Venomkit: Is a sharp tounged tom with a handsome tan coat (has father's eyes)
Mother: Quietstep Father: Woodfur

Cherrykit: Is a sweet she-cat with a beautiful snow white coat, has light pink eyes
Mother: No one knows... Father: Same as Mother
(Some believe that her mother is Snowstar and her father is Smudgeheart, of Fireclan)
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