Cats of Fireclan

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Cats of Fireclan

Post  Moonfrost on Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:06 pm


Shinestar: Solid gray she-cat with shining green eyes


Amberstripe: Pale tan she-cat with dark brown stripes and amber eyes

Medicine Cat

Moonfrost: Glowing gray tom with white paws and green eyes


Sunpelt: Light cream she-cat with blue eyes

Windsong: Orange tabby tom with hazel eyes

Fadedstripe: Huge dark brown tabby tom with light stripes and blue eyes

Gingerclaw: Long haired ginger she-cat, with emerald eyes

Nightflower: Black she-cat with amber eyes

Smudgeheart: Black, white, and brown calico tom, with grey eyes

Cheetahfur: Grey she-cat with cheetah markings with amber eyes


Lightpaw: Light grey tom with green eyes

Blackpaw: Black she-cat with a white under belly

Whitepaw: Orange tom with a white snout

Grasspaw: White she-cat with grass stained paws

Morningpaw: Grey tom with a white under belly

Flamepaw: Deep orange she-cat with white splotches

Fluffypaw: White tom with a black fluffy tail

Longpaw: Long haired brown tom, with golden eyes


Frostwing: Snow white she-cat with deep blue eyes

Fernpelt: Small white she-cat with a grey face, and light blue eyes


Scarpelt: A battle scarred tom, oldest cat in Fireclan

Heatwave: Orange she-cat with a long tail


Snakekit: A big, (for a kit) grey tom with amber eyes

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Re: Cats of Fireclan

Post  Ashstar on Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:05 pm

Can I join FireClan?


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